Sports Betting SEO

Why do you need specialist Sports Betting SEO services to help drive your business?

The backdrop

Doing better in attracting customers to your website is a particular challenge for the gaming industry.

There are a number of natural challenges and inhibitors to overcome, including:

  • legislative issues which define certain advertising conventions that must be complied with;
  • a culture of some negative publicity in certain segments of the media;
  • a highly competitive marketplace;
  • increasingly sophisticated and highly discriminatory search engines.

Overcoming some of these challenges and turning them into opportunities isn’t something for an inexperienced SEO practitioner to take on.  It requires an in-depth knowledge of wide-ranging Sports Betting SEO techniques and an ability to read the pulse of internet plus the search engines on an almost weekly basis.

For the company offering gaming services online, investment in this area is of paramount importance.  To be blunt, simply changing the look and feel of a landing page or making your initial visitor greeting a bit more friendly, just isn’t going to cut it.

To become visible in this marketplace you will need the assistance of an SEO Company specialising in Sports betting. That is the specialised operational domain of Bettor Media.

Where do your customers come from?

If you perform a customer origin analysis, the chances are that you will find your customers are coming to you via a number of different routes:

  • word of mouth referrals;

  • advertising;

  • technical third-party referrals, through things such as links;

  • visits from the people who found you through the search engines.

Any marketing strategy covering your company’s operations must include tactics for the delivery of your proposition through a number of different channels, including those mentioned above.

Although some online gaming companies realise the importance of some of the more conventional channels, they may fail to understand the potential available for attracting customers on the internet through things such as link referrals, SEO/search engine techniques and Affiliate Sports Betting Marketing

Failing to invest in those channels can prove to be a major lost opportunity.

SEO is misunderstood

There continues to be a widespread perception that improving your website’s rankings in search engine results is largely a process of using more keywords on its pages.

Whatever might have been the case some years ago, today such techniques alone are unlikely to be successful.  To achieve results here typically involves a wide-ranging series of techniques including:

  • making sure that your site has plenty of what is called dynamic content;

  • being certain that your content scores highly in information provision and its clarity plus quality;

  • supporting the growth of the dynamic internet by linking to other pertinent sites where appropriate;

  • having associations with other parties that are linking to your site, again in permissible situations;

  • being able to monitor, interpret and react to key metrics and performance indicators that are contained within your site’s traffic statistics.

Of course, keywords remain important overall for an SEO Company specialising in Sports betting but they will not, taken alone, deliver increased website visibility and customer footfall.

How we can help

Most organisations both within the gaming industry and also elsewhere, require specialist assistance when it comes to optimising the performance of their websites from an SEO perspective.

We have been providing such services to the online gaming industry for over five years and we have unparalleled skills and knowledge that have been acquired over that period.

If you’d like to know more about how we can deploy that knowledge to transform your online business performance, why not fill the information below and we will offer an initial and entirely non-committal outline of our services.