Affiliate Management

The principles of affiliate marketing are well known. The techniques have been around since the late 20th century and have, at times, been very successful. However, the world is changing and it’s important for online gaming sites to recognise that fact and to react to the new models for Gambling Affiliate Management.


Originally a fairly simple concept, the size and complexity of this domain has grown exponentially over recent years. There is now a plethora of techniques available and of companies offering Gaming Affiliate Management services. The initial challenge for a business seeking to leverage these techniques to increase the performance of their online gaming operations is simply trying to understand the many different approaches of providers operating in this domain. It isn’t an easy thing to do and it’s an area where specialist assistance is often recommended. One of the critical success factors associated with driving forward the business performance of your online gaming website is being able to optimally utilise Gaming Affiliate Management services. Bettor Media have over five years’ experience of Gaming Affiliate Management relationships and applying techniques in this area.

Our services

Here is just a sample of some of the services we can offer to our clients:
  • New program inception – for customers who have little presence in this domain at the present time;
  • Gambling Affiliate Management network exploitation.  This can be invaluable if you do not have the personnel to do this from within your own organisation;
  • Strategy development.  Setting the ground rules for your objectives and defining a path for achieving them, is critically important;
  • Constructing your brand – making sure that there is no failure to take notice of you and your sales propositions;
  • Personnel development.  This is critical if the people you are asking to manage your program for you are to get the maximum possible benefits out of it on your behalf;
  • Campaign management.  Big events may present large-scale opportunities but they also constitute a significant logistical overhead if a maximum impact is to be achieved;
  • Conversion rate improvement.  This is an important science in its own right and one where we excel;
  • Prototyping new products and marketplaces through the affiliate programs;
  • Feasibility studies covering affiliate program options;
  • Business planning and forecasting based upon analysis of existing affiliate arrangements;

The development of corporate communications to most effectively exploit the experience gained from affiliate activities.

Why these things matter

Some online gaming sites have discovered, to their cost, that relegating affiliate marketing to the status of a back-office function and one which is often led by relatively junior and inexperienced personnel, is not a recipe for success. The very nature of online gaming suggests that attention to all aspects of the online business world is critically important and Gambling Affiliate Management programs typically play a large part in that. In our experience, defining strategies and targets, then monitoring performance against them, is imperative.  We can ensure that your entire affiliate program is defined or managed within the tightest conceptual framework plus associated controls and checkpoints.

Our wider relationship network

Affiliate programs typically cannot be conducted in isolation. To exploit their full potential, it is important to have a wide range of existing relationships with third-party sites and organisations.  Building these from scratch for an online gaming company is possible but it can prove to be extremely time-consuming. Success is by no means guaranteed either. It’s typically far better to exploit existing relationship networks, as you begin your operations or seek to improve them in this important area of business.  This is what we bring to the table and it can save our customers significant amounts of time, effort and cost.

Taking this forward

We understand that the complexities here and their potential benefits to your organisation cannot be easily communicated in a few words. That’s why we encourage you to contact us through the form below and we will be only too pleased to offer you an initial consultation entirely without commitment on your part. It will be your first step to potentially revolutionising your online gaming business.

Is it working for you?
It’s not unusual to encounter online gaming sites which have one or more forms of affiliate program in place. Some of these may have been put in place some time ago and after an initial period of success, they might today be yielding less than satisfactory returns. Others may have been opened up but without generating significant benefits against the original investment of time and effort. Perhaps yet more might be offering highly unpredictable and variable results over a period of time. Ultimately, it’s important to look at the traffic analytics as they apply to your site and use those to generate an understanding of just how well your existing programs are working for you. By definition, that interpretation might be a little chastening but it is extremely valuable information to have to hand.
What leads to under-performance?
There is no single reason why an existing affiliate operation might be yielding less than spectacular results for you. One particularly common cause though is when the program or the company offering Gaming Affiliate Management, has failed to take into account changes in the marketplace over recent time and as a result, continues to operate on outdated assumptions and methodologies. At Bettor Media, we have extensive experience gained over many years working with various affiliate programs of one sort or another. We can quickly look at your existing arrangements and the statistics of your site, to identify both the causes of any current problems and more importantly, opportunities for how things may need to be changed to improve things.
Your options
As the diversity and complexity of the affiliate marketplace have grown, the need for alternative approaches to exploiting affiliates through Gambling Affiliate Management must be considered. There are now multiple affiliate management models in the marketplace including effectively the outsourcing of your entire affiliate marketing operations to a third party. This allows customers to benefit from the latest in developmental thinking in this area, without the need for them to constantly keep up-to-speed themselves. There is no one-size-fits-all solution here. What is required is an analysis and review of your company’s individual situation and the identification of a strategy going forward.
Where we can help
Our team of industry-leading experts is standing by waiting to offer you assistance in this complex area. Why not use the contact form below to obtain a quick and entirely informal overview of some of the opportunities available in affiliates marketing?
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