What Are Niche Edits?

What are Niche Edits? Niche edits is a type of link building strategy that involves adding contextual links to an existing page, website, or blog post. This new way to produce and promote content is a legal and highly effective way to get new content noticed by both human readers and search engine crawlers and boost the significance of a page or site. It would be justifiable to say niche edits is a strategy that leverages the power of backlinks…

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How to Build Backlinks in 2020

What is a Backlink? A backlink is a link that goes from one website to a page on another website. A backlink is also referred to as an inbound link, an incoming link. If you have more than one backlink pointing to a site, which nearly all sites do, these are called backlinks, or inbound links, incoming links, etc. Why are Backlinks Important? This is one of the most common link building questions we get asked. Backlinks are important to…

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